Men’s Backpacking Sierra Trip

Aug 23-25, 2024
@ Eastern Sierras, near Bishop, California

Join for Fellowship, Fun & Fish


While the mountains ⛰️ have been there a really long time⌛, we started frequenting them as a group 👥 in the last few years 🗓️. MBST in its current form started in 2022 📅 with a trip 🧳 to Long Lake 🏞️ near Bishop, California 🗺️, nestled at 11,000 feet 🏔️ in the Eastern Sierras. There you'll find expansive mountain views 🌄 (bring your camera 📷!), incredible fishing 🎣 (can you complete the Sierra Slam by catching all four types 🎯 of native trout 🐠?), pristine alpine lakes 💧 (ready for a swim 🏊‍♂️ in glacier water❄️?) and warm fellowship 🤗.

The activities for the weekend 🗓️ include hiking 🥾🌲 (at least 3 miles required to get to the base camp ⛺), fishing 🐟 rock climbing 🧗‍♂️, swimming 🏊, star gazing 🔭🌠, and exploring the backcountry 🗺️.

Each night 🌙 ends with a devotion 🙏, the readings 📖🔍 are done along with meals 🍽️😋 and Sunday 📆 memorial service is held on the mountain 🍞🍷. The weekend provides plenty of opportunities for spiritual encouragement 🙌 and one-on-one or small-group discussions.

We hope you can join us for 2024!


You carry what you need on this trip, but we are happy to loan you whatever you are missing. If you've never gone backpacking before but want to try it out, join us!  At a basic level, you'll need your own sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, clothes and food.  You can share a tent with a buddy and we also share whatever we catch (there's nothing better than fried trout at 11,000 feet)! As we get closer to the day, you'll get a detailed list of what you need to bring and what can be borrowed.


For those that want a little more time in the hills, the first group can arrive at the trailhead on Thursday evening, camp there overnight, and hike up the mountain on Friday morning. The rest can come up Friday, camp at the trailhead on Friday night, and hike up on Saturday morning.  We'll then spend Saturday together exploring, climbing, fishing and eating. On Sunday we'll hold a breaking of bread on the mountain and then hike back out. Once down the mountain, we'll drive a few miles to enjoy burgers and pizza at the Cardinal Village Resort. 


There are few fisheries on earth as fine as those in the Eastern Sierras.  Wild Brown, Brook, Rainbow and even the elusive Golden trout can be found in the back country of the John Muir Wilderness.  You'll need a California Fishing License and light to ultra-light fishing gear.  While spinners and spoons work great, the fish respond best to flies and mini jigs.  Go for 2-4 lb test line on your spinning reel or break out your fly fishing gear.  If you want to fish and you don't have the gear, don't worry - we are happy to loan you supplies for the weekend.


There is no cellphone access where we will be going and emergency services will be several hours away. We carry satellite communicators for true emergencies, but we'd rather not have to call in a helicopter. The hike climbs to at least 12,000 feet in elevation, which means there will be 37% less oxygen than you are used to at sea level which means elevation sickness is also a risk. Since we will be in bear country, we will remove anything with a scent from our vehicles at the trailhead and store any food or scented items in bear-resistant canisters while camping.  Finally, while open fires are not allowed, we'll have permits for our cooking stoves. Don't let any of this scare you off - it's all part of the adventure!



Be a friend and offer to help cover gas with those in your carpool. If you want to help with permit costs, you can (but not required)


Reach out to Allen at 757-816-1325